Poultry Nutrition
Online training about the nutritional requirements of poultry, the components of healthy feed and economic best practices!

What will you learn?

1. THE BASICS - Learn about the importance of poultry nutrition, poultry breeds, rearing systems and the digestive anatomy of a chicken.

2. NUTRITION - Learn the characteristics of a healthy chicken and the nutritional components that every feed requires.

3. FEED FORMULATIONS - Understand how to calculate basic feed formulations and get a basic/affordable feed recipe for your flock.

4. ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT - Learn the economics behind proper nutrition and the right management practices to GROW YOUR PROFITS.

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This course is a MUST ATTEND if...

👉 You are dreaming of becoming a chicken farmer and want to learn as much as you can before taking the leap.

👉 You are a soon-to-be chicken farmer who wants to get things done right the first time.

👉 You are an existing chicken farmer who wants to improve production and MAKE MORE PROFITS.

Learn everything you need to know to become THE BEST!

Course Includes:

✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS to 3-4 hours of practical training videos with agriculture experts.

✔️A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION if you pass the final test.

✔️ ACCESS TO EXPERTS to help answer your questions.


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KSH 800 / NGN 3,000 / UGX 28,800 / GHS 48 / RWF 7,400 / TZS 18,000

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By: Maureen Atieno, Nairobi Kenya

I started my chicken farm 2 years ago and had dreams of growing big! I had about 50-100 chicken at any given time but was barely breaking even on the venture since the birds were maturing very slowly.

In June 2019 I discovered eLengo's Poultry Nutrition Course and decided to enroll since the training was sent right to my mobile phone and I did not need to travel! After taking the training I finally understood why my venture was struggling. Without the proper nutritional components in feed, your birds will never grow as they are supposed to or start laying at the right age (16-20 weeks.)

After the course, I stopped buying low-quality feeds and decided to formulate my own with a few other friends who were also rearing. This ultimately lowered my input costs and increased nutrition in my feeds. Now my chickens are healthier and more productive leading to MORE PROFITS for me and my family!

I dream of having over 1,000 layers one day and I know I will make it there with the right education from eLengo!

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Are you ready to grow your income?

At the end of this course, you will understand the basics of poultry nutrition and will be ready to grow or improve your farm!

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